Get your certificates from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce for only $25!   

FREE for Chamber members!

The following provides a glimpse of what other chambers charge…’

  • Gardena $35 members and $50 for members per stamp
  • Long Beach $100 non-members; $10 members per stamp
  • San Pedro first 10 free for members then $25 for each additional
  • $50 non- members
  • LAGateway $45 per stamp 0 for members.
  • Wilmington Chamber $25 per certificate and 0 for members.

Below are copies of the companies that we have done certificates of origin for

Certificate of Origin Company List

  • ACX Global/Wilmington
  • PSW Hay/Wilmington
  • Cavalier International/Carson
  • California Sulphur/Wilmington
  • Global Logistics Connections/Compton
  • Medi-System Inc. – Non-Member/Came in once in 2018/Gardena
  • Pro Packing – Non-Member/Came in twice in 2018/Wilmington